A report of the occupation has been added to the website of Solidarity Federation, Britains largest anarchist org:

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5th Day of Occupation

Today we’ve moved to Tremough library for a 3p.m. meeting with Truro and Falmouth Conservative MP Sarah Newton.

We’re gearing up for presenting the petition against cuts. With regards to this petition we have visitors from Cornwall College as well as other constituents angry not just at rising tuition fees, but also at savage public sector cuts. This blog from a witness to Cornwall County Council’s emergency budget meeting.

Amusing that there was an emergency budget meeting, when they are 127 million in reserve. These cuts are outrageous. Cutting jobs, libraries, community centres and whatever else they fancied.

Our battle against tuition fee rises and university cuts continues.

Today we are battling the grave enemies that are arrogance, ignorance and the illusion of power.


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4th Day of Occupation

Day four and all are well thank you.  The level of support we have received has been overwhelming. Meetings with senior management from Falmouth and Exeter have been encouraging and signatures on petitions have made it virtually impossible to update the mailing list due to sheer volume of numbers.  More needs to be done. Please get involved in any way that you are able. We continue to be active on twitter and are massively appreciative of the support which has been generated thus far.

Thank you all

Lynsey Smith

We have mostly been planning tomorrows event, where our local MP Tory Sarah Newton is coming to campus at 3 at Tremough Library were we are going to present her with a petition which 100s of people have signed against the savage public sector cuts. Masses amounts of appreciation need to go to Lynsey Smith who started the petition and has worked so hard to get it signed by so many and to get Sarah Newton to come to campus.

Also some of us attended a guest lecture being hosted were Lib Dem MP Stephen Gilbert for Newquay and St Austell had a talk and then discussions. We then managed to get Steve to come and talk to us at our sit in. He told us to keep the protests up and continue to raise awareness. Though there was no definite answer on what his vote will be on Thursday.

In conjunction with the constituency meeting tomorrow we will be occupying the library from Saturday morning.

Overall Spirits are high and we will not submit.

Tremough Occupation

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Support us and act with us

So far we have recieved great support from nearly all students across campus, but this needs to be met with action and acts of solidarity. We appeal to all students who agree with our objectives to come and join us, its not enough to offer verbal support without acting physically. The fact that we have managed to muster this amount of support already for a campus our size is alone a commendable achievement, but with the level of solidarity we have recieved we can push this much further. Our support and solidarity extends far beyond tremough- we have featured in national newspapers and websites, recieved messages of support from other students around the country and internatonally. If this is what we have achieved so far, imagine what we can do with even greater numbers.
Please come and join us and help us push through our demands so we can give all of us a decent future and education.

Tremough campus students take action, this is our future, we can’t just stand by!

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Tremough Occupation New Pictures

At the occupation some of the students managed to hire a projector for the whole night and we are projecting our message onto the student union building that is outside of the Stannary where we are in occupation

Here are some of the photos

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Second Day of Occupation

Students are still occupying the lower Stannary at Tremough Campus!


Come down and show your support and send us messages of solidarity!

Tremough Occupation team

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Stannary Occupation

Here are some photos from the occupation so far…..

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