Support us and act with us

So far we have recieved great support from nearly all students across campus, but this needs to be met with action and acts of solidarity. We appeal to all students who agree with our objectives to come and join us, its not enough to offer verbal support without acting physically. The fact that we have managed to muster this amount of support already for a campus our size is alone a commendable achievement, but with the level of solidarity we have recieved we can push this much further. Our support and solidarity extends far beyond tremough- we have featured in national newspapers and websites, recieved messages of support from other students around the country and internatonally. If this is what we have achieved so far, imagine what we can do with even greater numbers.
Please come and join us and help us push through our demands so we can give all of us a decent future and education.

Tremough campus students take action, this is our future, we can’t just stand by!

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One Response to Support us and act with us

  1. Anon says:

    I think it would be really good if you staged this occupation at Woodlane, that’s where the directors are based, including the rector.

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