The demands of the Tremough Occupation

Our demands are as follows:

For the Senior Management of University College Falmouth and Exeter to publicly condemn the cuts to education and the public sector.

For greaterĀ  transparency in the running of the university.

We will work with unions, other occupations and students to show solidarity with us as we are with them in order to create a united movement against the cuts.

We demand that the university does not take any disciplinary action against any student or person involved with protests at Tremough campus and nationwide.

We want public support from senior management and faculty heads, unions and other occupations to support any further protest action against cuts and tuition fee rises.

We want a meeting with the senior management of the university.

We want the full support of the FXU .

We will carry on occupations at Tremough campus until our demands are met.

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Resist! Strike! Occupy!

Tremough Stannary Occupation Protest

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Tremough Occupation Statement

Tremough Campus Stannary is being occupied by students from Falmouth and the surrounding area in protest of the rising tuition fees and huge, unnecessary cuts.

We decided to stage this occupation as a part of the national day of action dubbed dayx2!

Please leave messages of solidarity on this page or at the email address

Updates, pictures and demands are to come!

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